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(Ruca= He Marries in Mapudungun, autochthonous language of Chile)
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Ruca Hostel is born with the aim to create a space of meeting between young women and adults of all parts of the world, where they share different cultures without distinguishing race, color, religion, sex, age, or social class, and with the idea of stimulating in the guests a major knowledge, affection and care of the nature and the sports of adventure, as well as an appraisal of the cultural values of the city of Port You run aground and bordering localities.

You will be able to think the warmth that there gives him his own owner, Jorge León López, who has been the first Chilean who has travelled to the space from End Cañaberal in the USA of North America. Jorge has a vast tourist experience that he has gathered in more than 6 years crossing the world in different hosteles and lodgings, rescuing the better thing of each one; the sobriety, the healthy conviviality, the free spirit, the cozy of the hosts and the respect for the cultures, characteristics that certainly it has implemented in Ruca Hostel.



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CasAltura Hostal Boutique en Santiago de Chile

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Church of Puerto Varas

San Ignacio 1100 Puerto Varas, Región de los Lagos, Chile.  Cell Phone 72844917. contacto@rucahostel.cl
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